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Sometimes we get stuck making a decision, whether it’s saying yes or no, we just can’t choose. We swirl around in a circle of doubt and then we force a choice and it usually doesn’t work out.

Instead, consider this: if you are having trouble deciding, perhaps it’s because you aren’t ready to choose, or this may not really be what you want, or something else is in the way.

Instead of charging forward just to get it over with, I invite you to explore the resistance. Ask yourself “why am I having so much trouble deciding? And then step back again, breathe and listen in.

Maybe you don’t have everything you need to decide. Maybe it’s something you really don’t want to do, Maybe there’s something ELSE CALLING YOU, or a different way.

Or maybe you really want to say No instead of yes.

So many people don’t know how to say NO. So they say YES to everything. Because they don’t want to offend someone, or rock the boat, or make the wrong choice.

If you are just beginning to learn how to discern what you TRULY want, it can be overwhelming to have to make choices, to say Yes and No.

So I invite you to guage your answer with this single, simple statement:


With this single mantra, making the “right” choice becomes immediately easier. You can begin to say No to things with a clear and opened heart.

As you become more comfortable saying YES when you mean yes, and NO when you mean no, you can then take your decision making to the next level.

Instead of holding the choice up to absoluteness, ask a deeper question: Does this activity support my intention? Will it take me closer to my bigger vision of myself?

Often, that absolute Yes and No is crowded with our chattering voices, old beliefs…. I can’t afford it, it’s too far, I’ve never tried that before. And so it’s understandable to see how these beliefs make us think it is not an absolute YES.

But usually when we are presented with opportunities that scare the pants off of us, that are uncomfortable, foreign, unknown, they are exactly the things we need to do to take the next step.

So if you are trying to decide, instead of settling for the first easy, absolute answer, take some time to explore what the No’s are.

Maybe they are really Yes’es in disguise.

Is there something you are having trouble deciding? How might these techniques help you come to the true and clear answer from your heart?

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