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Exactly one year ago I pulled my RV into the Morro Strand RV Park with the intention of staying in the RV long enough to find a house to rent. Living here, I would connect with the local Apple stores and continue to provide one on one onsite training for Mac users.

My bigger why for choosing THIS area, this small beach town off the beaten path on the central coast of California, was so that I could be outside more, walk more, breathe deeper, write every day and explore how else I wanted to do my best work in the world.

Fast forward 365 days and I am, once again parked in the Morro Strand RV Park.

But nothing else from that day last year is the same.

I stopped looking for a house to rent when I realized how much I prefer living in my 24 foot motorhome. I have everything I need: bathroom, shower, microwave, bed, ample room for my printer and technology, unlimited wifi, and it’s relatively inexpensive, especially compared to renting a house with the same beach access.

And I don’t do any on-site training. I now work with clients all over the world through the magic of virtual technology, both one on one and in group classes.

I am walking much more than ever before and feeling more present and flexible in my body. And, until the summer began, I was writing every day.

If I had known how brave I’d have to be to move to a place where I didn’t know anyone, I’m not sure I would have been able to do it. But I’ve found ways to meet people and, once I realized it would take some time, I eased into the unfolding of it all.

Even though I have wheels underneath me, I have no desire to travel. For me, it’s more about settling in, connecting to the community here. And so I have joined a new yoga community where I sometimes co-teach a yoga and writing class. I am now a recognized regular at my favorite Taco Temple restaurant. And I’m the Hospitality Chairperson for the annual Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival.

There are days when I berate myself for not doing more. I still haven’t gone kayaking, or connected with the folks at the indie bookstore or explored options to lead more workshops.

Is it laziness or is my plate still pretty full with change? Have I fallen into such an easy rhythm of life on vacation that I’m slacking off on the growth?

Every time I think I am not doing enough, my friends remind me that I am brave and courageous and living my dream, one day at a time. They assure me that I am on the biggest adventure of my life and that I am doing exactly what I need to do, at the right pace.

And so, from this day forward, with curiosity and kindness and an open heart, I choose to focus on gratitude for what is now and what else I want to dream and where I might see myself 365 days from now.

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