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“Let yourself be silently drawn
by the stronger pull of what you really love.”
~ Rumi

My biggest take away from Patti Digh’s camp last month was the deep connection to creativity, both in others and in myself. Being around people who make art and music and love to write is rich fuel for my own creative soul.

I was deeply inspired by the poets who stood up and spoke strong words, by the songwriters who sang their own lyrics, by the painters and jewelers and art makers who displayed their works on simple black tablecloths, all claiming, “Yes, this is my voice, this is my work.”

I have been dreaming of getting back into a studio, to make things out of recycled materials, to focus on more creative writing, to follow the surges of great ideas and see what happens.

But studio space is expensive and hard to find in Morro Bay and I had no vision of what I’d do with the stuff I made.

Years ago, when I lived with Marika, I spent hours out in the garage making art and writing fiction. My art supplies were neatly arranged, I had clean work surfaces and an easy balance between Mac clients and studio time. I sold my art at festivals and art shows and even did commission work.

These days I’m a Mac workaholic, with no defined creative time or space.

But since we returned from our Southern vacation, I’ve been feeling the pull to honor my creativity. I’ve been spending time in the garage, touching surfaces, finding fun items that I had boxed up, remembering how much I loved being in the space and creating.

And I heard my heart– Why not stay with Marika another month and play in the studio?

WOW! I could so easily do that.
Sure, I miss the ocean and my daily beach walks, and yes, the dryness of the desert is a challenge to my skin and nose. But I bought nasal spray and eye drops and it’s not like I’m never going back.

The weather is Phoenix has finally cooled down. The studio is right there, ready for me. And Marika is just as excited for me as I am and she is delighted that I’m going to be here longer.

Since she got laid off last month, she’s been relaxed and present, cooking, birding and getting together with friends. We have been so enjoying the time together. And I love playing football with Mabel.

And so I am staying through November, with the intention to spend the majority of the working day out in the studio, playing with my writing craft and making some great art pieces.

And since I work well with deadlines and structure, I’ll be selling this new work at the upcoming Community Art Festival at Desert Song Yoga and Massage in Phoenix on November 23.

It is what I have dreamed of doing for years. I just never expected it to be here, in Phoenix, at Marika’s house, in the same space I used to call my creative home.
Oh, what happens when we let go and listen to our heart.

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