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I am here. And my life is everything I have envisioned it would be for all of these months/years: My days are filled with lots of walking, cool, clean air, writing, working virtually with my Mac clients and delicious bounties from the local farmers markets.

But the voices in my head keep asking NOW WHAT?

At first, I felt the pressure to get on with things, to find a rental house, to re-create the life I left behind in Phoenix.

But I realize the voices are not screaming, “NOW WHAT!! Hurry up, let’s move on to the next thing!” with demanding exclamation points.

They are merely asking, with the pause of a comma, “Now, what?”

What do I want to bring more of into my life?

How do I want to connect and serve?

What else would make me even more joyful, happy, glad to be here?

And honestly, I don’t really know. Or rather, I haven’t taken the time to explore the question.

But I have created this time and this space, so, in these next few days and weeks, I’ll be doing just that.

I’ll be

• walking with my eyes wide open, noticing what catches my attention

• journaling the questions and answering with my non-dominant hand

• curious without judgment

• writing a future diary, as If I am already living it, not knowing what it will reveal

• paying close attention to what thrills my heart

• creating a new vision board or dream altar

• following the energy

• allowing myself to imagine the wildest possibilities

• encouraging myself to live beyond my routine, to explore at least one new place each week

• asking for guidance from the Universe

• staying open to possibilities and ideas that present themselves

I’ll be settling into the pause of the comma and asking myself, “Now, what?”



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