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On my birthday back in March, I was thrilled to start my day with my Rhythm of Being movement classmates. Before class, I stood in the doorway of another classroom, listening to the senior men of the Phoenix Men’s Choir rehearsing.

I so wanted to ask them to sing Happy Birthday to me. But they were deep in the practicing of E flats and A’s, and I didn’t want to interrupt.
I told my own teacher my wish and the next thing I knew, our class was walking down to the music room and yes, those fifteen men sang to me.

I stood in front of them, beaming, my eyes tearing, feeling so joyous as their strong song, their three part harmonies, their booming voices filled the room, filled my heart.

I was so glad that I hadn’t keep my wish to myself. That someone else was able to make it happen for me. It was one of the best happy birthday songs I’ve ever experienced.

So often we think we have to do everything for ourselves.

We don’t even think to ask someone else to help us make something happen. And yet, sometimes, we need the assistance of others to accomplish what we really want.

How can you ask for help to bring your deepest wishes and dreams to reality?

I’d love to hear your responses!

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