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I can’t believe it’s the last Monday in 2010. It’s been quite a year for me! Really high highs and incredibly low lows. And everything in between.

So often, if we’ve had a loss in our life ( a loved one, a job, a relationship, etc) we say it’s been a bad year. Yes, definitely, it’s been hard, but every moment hasn’t been full of grief. We couldn’t survive if it were.

In the midst of all of the hard stuff there are always moments of hope, of joy, of gratitude.

This last week of the year is an especially opportune time to reflect on ALL of the moments that have made up this year.

It’s easy to list all of the BIG stuff that has happened to us, for us, this year.

But what else has happened? What else have you done?

What are you proud of? What have you accomplished?

Taking the time to acknowledge our lives can be so empowering.

I invite you to find a quiet place and take out a piece of paper.
List TEN things you’ve accomplished this year.

They can be big things, small things, even challenges that you met head on.
They can be steps you’ve taken toward change in your life.

Then read your list OUT LOUD to yourself, in a mirror. Be proud. Be amazed. Be a celebrating fool!

Now take out a new piece of paper and write down FIVE more things you’d like to accomplish this year. Again, big or small, it doesn’t matter.

Post this paper where you will see it everyday, where it will inspire you and remind you what you really want for yourself in this coming year.

I’d love to hear what’s on your list. Please share by clicking on Comments below.

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