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We all love when magic happens.

Magic is effortless. Surprising. Bigger than our expectations.

Yet how often are we willing to make room for magic to happen?

I am finding that, when I am willing to let go and create some space (through breathing, being in nature, just being still) magic really does happen and, out of nowhere, a brilliant new idea appears.

This always happens when I am not trying to think of a great new idea but, instead, it is after I have released an open-ended question to the Universe.

I recently created some very cool, fun, easy-to-follow video training tutorials for Mac users. My existing client base has loved them, purchased them, encouraged their friends to try them too. (you can try them for free at

And so I wondered, how can I reach a wider audience of primed and ready Mac users?

The same afternoon that I posed this question, a friend in CA emailed me, asking if I was still planning to visit in September. And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, came the idea to give a free presentation to my local Mac user’s groups, even offering a discount to their membership for the videos. I looked online to find several groups in AZ and, of course, there is also a group in the CA town where my friend lives.

That evening I emailed proposals to five different user groups, including the one in CA. Three of the groups, including the one in CA, have already put me on their fall calendars.

So how does this magic happen?

Some people will say it’s about energy. Collective consciousness. The power of intention.

You can call it whatever you want. I just know it works.

When we let go of the HOW of things, and ASK for guidance, for insight, for opportunity, and stay OPEN to bigger possibilities than we might imagine, magic happens.

It’s a powerful thing. And it’s effortless.

You just have to be willing to stop trying so hard so you can let go.

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