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How many times have you thought, if only I could win the lottery…if only I were rich…oh, how my life would be different…


If you had a million dollars, what would you do?
Quit your job?
Then what?
Lie on the beach all day?
Then what?
Go on a cruise?
Then what?
Give money to your favorite charity?
Then what?
Buy some cars, a new house?
Then what?

Most people, when asked to really think about this, realize that the thing they would REALLY want to do is something close to their heart, that makes them feel excited and joyful and part of something bigger than themselves.

Do you really need to wait until you have a cazillion dollars to begin pursuing this thing that sparks your heart?

What IS this thing thing that you wish you could do, if only…..?

And what is stopping you from doing it now?

Can you donate a LITTLE bit to your favorite charity NOW?
Or start saving for a 3-day mini-cruise?
Or find a coach who can guide you toward a more fulfilling career?

Life is NOW not WHEN!


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