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When Gratitude Becomes Gladitude

Posted by on Nov 27, 2014 in awareness | 0 comments

  reprinted from my book, Heart Sparks: 7 Practices For Loving Your Life People will tell you that, if you’re feeling sad, depressed, hopeless, the best thing to do is make a gratitude list. To find simple things that you are grateful for, to shift your attention to what you do have, to what is working in your life. But often, when we are in this dark...

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That Attitude of Gratitude

Posted by on Mar 12, 2014 in awareness, gratitude | 0 comments

  It is springtime in the Arizona desert and, as I drive the streets that line the bases of the mountains, it is as if the whole earth is lit up with the yellows of poppies and brittle bush and marigolds. Bursts of orange African daisies and purple lupine and verbena appear on the roadsides between stretches of sidewalk and graveled hiking trails. I...

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