Tibetan prayer flags send good wishes for all beings on the breeze to wherever they’re needed. Please join us as we build a community around creating, appreciating, and enjoying prayer flags and the creative good wishes they send on the breeze. 

Now available for a limited time:

Blank Prayer Flags

for your own celebrations,

gatherings and special occasions

Invite your friends, kids, family members

to create their own flags as part of your next celebration!

blank flags

$20.00 per set includes S&H to continental US

each set contains 7 muslin flags

approx. 7″ x 7″ each


In 2008, more than 500 Prayer Flags made by adults and children from all over the country were hung in front of artist studios and galleries during downtown Phoenix’s 20th Annual Art Detour weekend. (Click on any image to see a larger picture.)

Mixed media artists from all over the country were invited to participate.

Booths were set up at various community events over the course of several months prior to the big event, offering people the opportunity to create their own prayer flags to be included in the larger installation.

The Community Prayer Flags installation offered people an opportunity to express their deepest wishes and most heartfelt prayers for themselves, their families and the world.

And it gave people the chance to connect and participate in something bigger than themselves.


Some new artist-made Prayer Flags available for sale:

by Tracy Dove
by Tracy Dove
by Tracy Dove
by Ruth Davis
by Francesca Thomas

What We All Need by Ruth Davis


Follow the Energy by Ruth Davis
Let Me Count the Ways by Ruth Davis
Namasté by Ruth Davis
More Love by Ruth Davis
Bob Caplan

Bob Caplan

 acrylic on muslin, Lisa Renee Wilson

  acrylic on muslin, Lisa Renee Wilson

Kelly Medhurst

Sharpie on muslin, Kelly Medhurst

mandala, Sharpie on muslin, by Kelly Medhurst
Sharpie on muslin, Kelly Medhurst
email me for purchasing info.