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I like to help women discover and feel good about who they are and what they want to do with their lives.

My clients are typically women over 50, on the edge of what’s next in life. Some have an inkling of what they want and others have no idea what else they could possibly be after a lifetime of mother/wife/worker…

These women come to me for support, motivation, accountability, and to start feeling lighter about it all.

One client said, “Whenever I work with Ruth I always leave feeling good about myself!"

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My Latest Writing

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A Long, Hard Week

Posted on Jun 21 by

  It’s been a long, hard, emotional couple of weeks. Two weeks ago I broke a tooth. Instead of driving down to Phoenix to see my regular dentist, I opted to call a recommended dentist up here in the mountains. The price was comparable to my dentist and I wouldn’t have to drive 3 hours down into the hot as hell valley of the summer sun, I could sleep in my own bed, and focus on the actual dental work.   And then, two days before the appointment, I cracked a different tooth, one that my dentist and I had been watching. The broken tooth was a no brainer – I needed a crown. But the cracked tooth was another story.   After much discussion, instead of doing root canal and a crown, with the understanding that it might eventually need to be pulled anyway, I opted to have the cracked tooth extracted. And get a crown on the broken one. I don’t hate dental work. But lying in that chair, thinking about losing a permanent part of me,...


Procrastinating or Avoiding…What’s the Difference?

Posted on Jun 7 by

I am typically not one to procrastinate.  If I need to do something, I schedule it into my daily or weekly to-do list and take care of it. Done. So it’s been very curious to me that I’ve been finding all kinds of things to do instead of working on new Mac training videos. My desk is cleared. My monthly receipts are filed. I have the entire morning blocked out for doing the first video and, instead, I am writing this blog post. I looked up the definition of Procrastination: Procrastination refers to the counterproductive deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite such behavior as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision. There are three criteria for a behavior to be classified as procrastination: it must be counterproductive, needless, and delaying. When I think of my behavior in terms of these criteria, I’m NOT procrastinating. I am avoiding. And I know it’s because doing these videos is a HUGE project. It involves changes to my...


Our Last Week Lakeside

Posted on May 24 by

    We’re coming up on our last week of camp hosting here at Fool Hollow Lake. We’ve decided to stay in the mountains for the summer at an RV Park in Pinetop, 20 miles southeast of here, and about 1000 feet higher in elevation. This way, we’re still in the cooler pines, out of the summering campground crowds, and close enough to Phoenix if my dad needs us.   Since we won’t be hosting, we’ll have a lot of free time, which can be good if we get out and explore and connect with people. Or it will make us crazy. I’m hoping we’ll do some day trips around the area, maybe even scout out some campsites for some dry forest camping.   Marika is thinking about doing some hospice volunteering and I’m excited that I’ll be free to take a morning yoga class. I’ve also been looking at possible art classes, and volunteer opportunities. And I’ve been nudging myself to set up some Heart Sparks workshops. But I wasn’t sure if I still had the passion, or...


Full Year, Full Circle

Posted on May 10 by

On May 18, last year, Marika and I pulled out of the driveway of her just-sold house driving our new-to-us 32 foot motor home and towing her RAV4. Our first stop was Show Low, AZ, 180 miles north and east of Phoenix, in the White Mountains. Almost a year later, we are here again, having driven, literally, full circle. I haven’t yet tallied our total miles, or printed our spending reports for the year. But we’ve been reminiscing about our favorite campsites, the best and worst meals, the small towns we’d like to revisit, and the interesting people we’ve met along the way. And how so much has happened and changed, and still, there is so much that is the same. If you’d like to reminisce with us, and catch up on the stories from this past year of living full-time on the road, here are the links: Happiness on the Oregon Coast Life at the Marina The Joy of the Kayak! Update From Umpqua The Joys of...


Life on the Mountain

Posted on Apr 25 by

We are finally settling into our new home base for the next two months. We’re volunteering as camp hosts at Fool Hollow Lake State Park in Show Low, Arizona, a cool, summer getaway in the White Mountains. We’re at 6300 feet elevation, 180 miles north of Phoenix and 60 miles west of the Arizona/New Mexico state line. According to the signage along a nearby hiking trail, this area has the largest contiguous stand of Ponderosa Pines in the world.   Our campsite is actually in one of the camping loops, a first for us. In all of our previous hosting jobs, our site has been in a separate area, or with the other hosts. Here, there are campsites on both sides of us, and, even though they are at least 100 yards away, and on the other side of pine trees and junipers, we can hear people’s conversations and smell their evening fires. We’re in the Cinnamon Teal loop, on a bluff about a hundred feet above the east side of Fool Hollow Lake. We are surrounded by pines...


An Update From Phoenix

Posted on Apr 5 by

  A belated thank you for all of the support and compassion after my last letter about quitting smoking. Many of you wrote and shared your own stories of quitting, offering compassion and tenderness. Some of you didn’t see what the big deal was about pot. A few have asked how it’s going. The first three days were easy. I had full days of clients, get togethers with friends, and no cravings or urges. On the fourth day I was looking forward to returning to my beloved yoga studio, but I woke up with a twinge in my lower back. I freaked, remembering my 5 month bout with sciatica three years ago. My body was so tight that the only thing I knew to do was smoke to relax. I was able to breathe, and cry and notice what I was bracing against. And instead of beating myself up for smoking, I was kind and compassionate, allowing myself to try a different way. I have always been an all or nothing person. A few months ago I announced I...

Work With Me

I work with my one-on-one coaching clients over the phone. This way there is no visual distraction, no need to “look our best,” so that we can focus on what’s really going on. I also believe that the technology that connects us provides an additional energy conduit that can enhance and intensify the connection. Learn more...

Working with a group is different. As humans, even if we don’t say a lot, we need to know that we are heard and seen. And so I facilitate my intimate online coaching circles using video conferencing software so that we can all literally see each other. These virtual connections can be even more powerful than in-person groups. Learn more...

Facilitating retreats and in-person workshops are my favorite ways to work with people for so many reasons, but especially because there is so much hugging. Learn more...