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Procrastinating or Avoiding…What’s the Difference?

Posted by on Jun 7, 2017 in awareness, decisions, mindsets, procrastination | 4 comments

I am typically not one to procrastinate.  If I need to do something, I schedule it into my daily or weekly to-do list and take care of it. Done. So it’s been very curious to me that I’ve been finding all kinds of things to do instead of working on new Mac training videos. My desk is cleared. My monthly receipts are filed. I have the entire...

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Running with Mentors

Posted by on Aug 4, 2009 in present moment, purpose | 0 comments

They say that if you are a runner and want to improve your speed, you should run with someone faster than you. That the competition will motivate you, challenge you, inspire you to be better, faster, stronger. My dream is to write my book about living creatively, travel around the country in my RV to book-signings and speaking engagements and lead guest...

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