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Lake Forest Sky

Posted by on Sep 6, 2017 in ADVENTURE, camphosting | 0 comments

  We are in our last four weeks of camp hosting at Fool Hollow Lake State park in the cool Arizona mountains. The wonderful monsoon storm season has passed, though we do still get a surprise afternoon rain shower every few days. The campground was full of happy campers for the Labor Day weekend, and now things are slowing down and we are blessed to...

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Procrastinating or Avoiding…What’s the Difference?

Posted by on Jun 7, 2017 in awareness, decisions, mindsets, procrastination | 4 comments

I am typically not one to procrastinate.  If I need to do something, I schedule it into my daily or weekly to-do list and take care of it. Done. So it’s been very curious to me that I’ve been finding all kinds of things to do instead of working on new Mac training videos. My desk is cleared. My monthly receipts are filed. I have the entire...

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Sand and Trees and Sky

Posted by on Dec 21, 2016 in abundance, awareness, breath | 0 comments

As you may know, I am in the process of closing my Mac training business after 30 years of helping people love their Macs. I’m doing it for all of the right reasons and it feels good. I’m excited about whatever is next, and I know this is what I really want for myself.   Yet, this in-between time niggles me.   I used to spend a lot of my working...

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Between Here and There, I Surrender

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016 in abundance, ADVENTURE, decisions, dreaming, freedom | 0 comments

I am writing this on Monday morning from Basin, MT, where we are still waiting for the car to be ready. The wheel for the car DID arrive on Friday. But the tire pressure sensor got lost in the shipment, and they still need some clips, so they had to reorder the parts. Maybe they’ll show up today. Maybe the car will be done by the afternoon, or Tuesday....

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Leaning In, Grounding Down, Remembering Fun

Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in ADVENTURE, awareness, BOWLING!, celebration, COMMUNITY! | 0 comments

  After our immersion of 11 days, 3 times a day treatments in the radon mine, we were both excited to have some free time to get out and start exploring the area.   On Thursday morning we went to the tiny Farmer’s Market in the next town. On the way, I said, “I think I’m finally going to find my silver earrings today. And for a reasonable price.”...

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