“Is it possible to connect so intimately with women you don’t even know, who live in different places around the world, who you only see online once a week?





The Heart Sparks Coaching Circle offers you a supportive space to let down your guard, open your heart, and explore, shift, and celebrate the life you are living and creating!

We’ll be exploring what is working in our lives and where there is lack, and what we truly need for our hearts to feel alive.

Studies show that we experience bigger leaps and successes when we work in a small group of people with a similar focus. This shared intention creates an energetic connection. We dare to share beyond the surface conversations, building trust and camaraderie. Real friendships begin to form. You are no longer just one person in a vast and lonely world. You are part of something bigger and real. This is the power of an intimate circle.

The upcoming virtual Heart Sparks Circle is a space for all this and more.

Each week we’ll meet for a video chat and focus on one of the chapters in my book Heart Sparks: 7 Practices For Loving Your Life

Grounding. Quieting. Exploring. Getting Clear. Letting Go. Imagining. Taking Action.

The group will support you as you explore and ask deeper questions, release what is no longer serving you, and open to truly living from your heart.

There will also be weekly “homework” so that you can practice and incorporate these new ideas into your regular life.

And we’ll stay connected through a private Facebook groups so we can keep the conversations going.

As the facilitator, I may pave the path, but it is the group as a whole that chooses the direction, the pace and the focus of each week’s magic.


When I think back to the women who have joined me for previous coaching circles, several said they joined to meet like-minded women. One of them had little social contact outside of her family. Another worked with with a group of colleagues, but realized that it wasn’t real connection. A third had many women friends but their conversations and interactions were somewhat superficial and safe. “I could never talk about this stuff with them,” she shared in one of our gatherings.

Here’s the Thing:

If we are really honest with ourselves, we crave intimacy, really talking with a person and connecting at a deeper heart level. We want to be heard and understood, and we want to feel supported when we share our wildest dreams and deepest fears.

I’ve been self-employed for 30 years, and, until recently, I also lived alone, so I know, first-hand, how important it is to step outside of my solitary comfort zones and seek the wisdom and companionship of others.

As humans, we need contact and connection with other people. But what I’m learning is that basic contact isn’t enough. We’re wanting deeper connections with others, and with ourselves.

Now that I am living on the road full-time, I no longer have an obvious community. I don’t go to my weekly yoga class, or get together with friends for dinner. I don’t chat my favorite cashier at Bashas, or catch up with my mail carrier once a week.

But I talk with other campers, and people we meet when we’re out exploring, or getting gas. And I have my online communities, people who (for the most part) I have never met in person, but who offer support, amusement and information. And there are phone calls and FaceTime and emails for keeping in touch with friends and family.

But I still need a regular deep dose of real, authentic, heart-sparking connection and conversation about the real stuff of life, to feel truly fulfilled.

I used to think you couldn’t really have this kind of intimate connection if you didn’t meet in person. But a few years ago I was involved with a virtual Mastermind group and, right from the start, I could feel the energy when we met online. And, during our time together, I felt closer with those women who I’d only met a few times in person, than friends I’ve know for years.

So I’m doing this virtual gathering for me too, to lean more into opportunities for intimacy without having to be physically in the same space.

The Heart Sparks Circle is a virtual gathering. We’ll meet online once a week in an intimate video chat where we can all be seen and heard. (Do’t worry if you’re not a tech-y – I’ll guide you through the easy set up before we officially begin.)

We’ll use my book, Heart Sparks: 7 Practices For Loving Your Life as the springboard for our weekly conversations, and create a powerful support net for each other as we explore what’s now and what’s next.

Being part of the Heart Sparks Circle will change your life.

It’s completely up to you how, how much, and in what directions.

Let’s explore together!

A new Heart Sparks Circle

will begin the first week in February, 2018
weekly meeting day/time will be decided by the group


$297.00 for the 7 week group

Or make 3 Payments of $99.00.

“True transformation happens when we get quiet, when we begin to hear the truth of our hearts. And in that quiet, expansive heart space, we can let go of what we think we know, what used to feel true, and open to new, unexpected possibilities.

When we are able to hear beyond our old voices and reactive answers, we can begin to ask ourselves deeper questions and open to deeper answers:

What’s working in my life?

What do I want more of?

Less of?

How do I hold myself back?

What is my biggest, deepest dream?

The Heart Sparks Circle offers safe and surprising opportunities to explore these questions and more

Working in a group with like-minded women creates a powerful space for each of us to really lean in and feel supported.

The space that we create is intended to remind each woman of her own confidence, self-esteem and creative expression so that she can bring her unique gifts into the world.

Sometimes we need the support of others to remind us of our goodness.

Sometimes we just need to be seen or heard. 

Sometimes we need the trust of each other to rest into our own hearts to remember. 

And once we remember, once we reconnect to the joy and the sweetness, we can do anything.


I’d love to share some of the amazing growths and transformations of some of previous online group members, formerly called Living Room Ladies, because we were each in our own living rooms, all together. Their names have been changed but their stories are true:

Claire believed her spirit had been broken when she was six years old. Now, at 70 years old, she is ready to reclaim herself. She wants to experience more joy, more intimacy, more adventure in her life. Claire wants to travel more, but she doesn’t have a traveling companion.During our Living Room Ladies time together, Claire has renewed her passport and is focusing on the intention to feed her adventurous spirit. She’s been pushing herself to her soft edge, initiating and engaging in activities that seemed too scary before. She has recently reconnected with a woman she previously traveled with and they are planning a trip to Peru in the spring.


Barbara was going through an ugly divorce, she had lost her high level job and could no longer afford to keep her house. She was at the lowest point in her life. Her intention was simply to stay on a path that was emotionally, spiritually and financially supportive.  Some weeks, just the simple act of breathing gave Barbara the faith to keep moving forward. The group offered her a safe and loving space to be with whatever she was feeling.Barbara has since sold her house and is exploring how she would best like to serve others in a new career.

The Heart Sparks Circle is not a therapy group.

The focus is always on the present moment and what we want for ourselves and our lives from this moment forward. Still, beliefs and issues from the past do come up. And so our work also involves examining and releasing that which no longer serves our present moment visions and intentions.

Anne felt that she had lost her voice—in her relationships, in her artwork, in how she showed up in so many areas of her life. She honed her intention into a single, powerful statement: I am honest about who I am and not afraid to voice it.”Suddenly, she said, she was free to be authentic and speak up for herself. Anne’s relationship with her daughter has become a joy, her artwork once again reflects her deep creative soul and she is experiencing less struggle and more effortlessness. And she has recently won several awards at her local Toastmasters!


Sylvia’s work used to drain her. She hated the politics of her department and the lack of intimacy with her co-workers. But more than anything, she resented that her job sucked the creativity out of her so that, at the end of the day, she had no desire to do the thing she really loves—to write.Sylvia isn’t ready to give up the benefits of her job. But she is writing again. Consistently. She has created the space so that her job isn’t her whole life. Sylvia is taking writing classes and seminars and, even more exciting for her, she’s able to step back from the words on the page and see what’s working and what needs rewriting. And she has embraced the intimacy of real conversation, deep friendship and the unconditional support that the group offers. And, now a year later, she has had three of her fiction pieces accepted for publication!


At 50, Elizabeth is re-examining who she is and how she shows up in the world. She is releasing her old dreams and expectations of who she thought she might be at this point in her life and beginning to redefine what really matters.Through the discomfort of all of this letting go, Elizabeth is focusing on the simplest, most important aspect of life: self-love. She has taken up Pilates and yoga, is asserting her needs in her relationships and has reconnected with her artistic self.

If you had asked any one of these women how their lives might be different from being a part of the Coaching Circle, I’m sure none of them would have imagined this much shifting and opening.

But when a person is ready, change happens.

And when you gather with other women who are just as ready, the process is mind-blowing.

Perhaps you are ready to begin your own transformational journey.


A new gathering of the Heart Sparks Circle

will begin

in February, 2018


for 7 weeks

(weekly meeting day and time will be a group decision)

Any woman, anywhere, can join because we meet virtually, online.

I am so excited by this new way to gather as an intimate circle to explore and play and journey together.


Our group will be limited to seven amazing women to ensure there is enough time for each woman to share and be heard.

You’ll have activities to do in between our meetings, and we’ll stay connected during the week through our private FaceBook group.

What former Heart Sparks Circle/Living Room Ladies are saying:

“Following my heart has brought me so much joy and happiness. And business. Funny how, when you dismiss concepts that others tell you to believe about yourself, you change. You grow.”

~ Christina M., Columbus, OH


“Living Room Ladies has given me an incredibly SAFE PLACE where I can explore creativity and silliness and acedia and angst and the differences between heart and head.  Two hours per week of authentic me,  whoo-hoo, its exhilarating.”

~ Kelly M., Glendale, AZ


“You challenged me to explore things I mentioned in a tiny way, but that was all the opening you needed to spot something that might really be what I was looking for.I wasn’t finding it on my own, and you were great about teasing out those small signals!

I also needed the accountability of reporting back at our next meeting. Follow through has not historically been a strong suit of mine, but I did it this time, because I knew you and my other ladies would be checking in on me! But in the nicest of ways:) No beating with a wet noodle, no scolding….just a heartfelt question for me when we met!

So what have I gained? I PLAY more, I have more balance in my life! I am about to do a solo in choir, and further launch my business. The biggest surprise was the vision board, where it became really obvious how much I wanted to MOVE my body….. and I am, and I continue to do so, despite having been a sedentary gal my whole life…..I have dropped pounds and inches in the last 2 months, and I know that part of that is the backdrop of being happier and more playful, so I could move with joy and ease! I’ve learned to listen to my inner voice with greater clarity!” 

~ Karen T., Ann Arbor, Michigan


“With reluctance, I signed up for the Living Room Ladies. I told Ruth I had tried this kind of thing before and knew I would close down when asked meaningful questions.

After a few weeks, I couldn’t believe it.  I actually felt “space” inside of me, making me better able to communicate and feel happy.

I AM capable of change.  Hooray!!!”
~ Vicki S., Sun Lakes, AZ


“I have been able to recognize dreams and desires that I never thought could happen.  Now I’m actually seeing and feeling that they are very possible and the possibilities are really exciting!”

~ Nancy A., Phoenix, AZ


“This group created the space for me to make connections that are too often neglected–within myself and with others. Ruth is a great leader who really knows how to facilitate each of us finding our own unique path to what we need.”

~ Roxanne D., Tempe, AZ

“Ruth creates a space of total acceptance. She offers guidelines with no rigidity. The work she has us do adds significance to my daily life and has opened me up to new possibilities for how I spend my time. I have LOVED this class!”

~ Annie L., Scottsdale, AZ

The weekly group has enhanced my awareness to explore a new way of being with myself.  I have turned off the background noise (TV) and am becoming comfortable with the silence in my home.

Wow! I can hear my heart’s desires.

~ Gale A., Phoenix, AZ

“I like the homework!  The exercises are fun and I feel like they open me up. I especially like seeing where a diverse group of women are in their lives.”

~ Shari L., Phoenix, AZ

Being a part of the Heart Sparks Circle will change your life. It’s completely up to you how, and how much, and in what directions. Let’s explore together!

Send me an email if you’re interested in joining us and we’ll chat.

A new Heart Sparks Circle
will begin
the first week in February, 2018
weekly meeting day/time will be decided by the group


$297.00 for the 7 week group

Or make 3 Payments of $99.00.