I have been dreaming of living at the beach for more than 15 years.

In September, 2010, while working with a high level business coach, I set the intention and began a two year plan to make it happen. I created concrete changes in my Mac training businesses and I now offer virtual training products and services to Mac lovers all over the world.

My original vision just had me moving my life from Phoenix to Morro Bay, a small community on the central coast of California, halfway between LA and San Francisco. But, like with most things in life, this transition has been anything but the clear, straight line that I imagined.

After several failed attempts at finding a house to rent, I stepped back, reassessed, let go of the how and remembered the reasons I was moving. I reconnected with my desire to show up bigger in my life to better serve and inspire others to remember and claim their own dreams.

On August 1, 2012, I packed up my 24 foot motorhome and am now officially living full-time at the beach in an RV Park just two blocks from the ocean.

I am meeting with clients through the wonders of online technology and giving presentations to local Mac User Groups. And I am writing, every day, documenting how and why and what this journey is all about. And I’m posting regularly on the blog at www.sparktheheart.com

Thanks for supporting me and following my journey. I hope my story offers you a spark of courage to claim and manifest your own dreams!

From my heart to yours,