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A Week of Camping

Posted by on Oct 11, 2017 in ADVENTURE, awareness, RV, RV ADVENTURE | 0 comments

After 6 months of being in the same town, going to work, having a routine, it was so freeing to have a week of just being campers.   We pulled out of Show Low last Monday morning in high winds, so, instead of towing the car, we drove the 84 miles to Winslow separately, Marika and Cody in the RV and me following in the car. We had reservations for 2...

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A Taste of Louisiana: Week 3

Posted by on Apr 29, 2015 in awareness, Heart Sparks, RV, RV ADVENTURE | 0 comments

Friday: I’m in Louisiana, camped next to a lagoon at Sam Houston Jones State Park near Lake Charles. Frogs are croaking, crickets are cricketing, the neighbor family is playing a fun, danceable tune, but not too loud. We’re in for the night after a walk and then sitting outside, me drawing, Cody lying down, head up, taking it all in. It’s been raining on...

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Blessings of the Road: Week 2

Posted by on Apr 22, 2015 in abundance, RV ADVENTURE | 0 comments

After the two day delay and the rush across New Mexico, I have settled into the rhythm of the road. Drive four hours, camp three or four days. This gives us a chance to be in a place, explore and take things in without rushing. And if we just want to have a day at home, without being a tourist, there’s time and space for that too. It’s been quite a weather...

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