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I am typically not one to procrastinate. Doina

If I need to do something, I schedule it into my daily or weekly to-do list and take care of it. Done.

So it’s been very curious to me that I’ve been finding all kinds of things to do instead of working on new Mac training videos.

My desk is cleared. My monthly receipts are filed. I have the entire morning blocked out for doing the first video and, instead, I am writing this blog post.

I looked up the definition of Procrastination:

Procrastination refers to the counterproductive deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite such behavior as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.
There are three criteria for a behavior to be classified as procrastination: it must be counterproductive, needless, and delaying.

When I think of my behavior in terms of these criteria, I’m NOT procrastinating. I am avoiding.

And I know it’s because doing these videos is a HUGE project. It involves changes to my website and my mailing list program. It means learning how to record and save and upload the videos. It means standing in front of the camera and being authentic and friendly and knowledgeable.

And I’ve never done these things before.

But I know my material. I know that the series will be very successful. And yet, I’m having trouble beginning.

Doing all of those other productive things has helped me step back from the project. And from this perspective I can see how the hugeness of it is simply overwhelming me.

No wonder I’ve been avoiding it.

So I took out a piece of paper and started to dissect the project into smaller, more do-able steps. And, following one of SARK’s fabulous suggestions, I used language that will make the tasks more inviting.

So, instead of: Learn the video recording software, I’m going to PLAY with the video software.

Instead of: Change the website and get a new mailing list program, I’m going to EXPLORE new ways to connect with my clients.

And, instead of expecting to get it all done in this one morning, I’m just going to begin.

So what are you putting off because it seems too daunting?

How can you break the BIG THING into smaller, more manageable tasks?

How can you turn your To-Do’s into fun and exciting activities that you might actually WANT to accomplish?

How can you begin?

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