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We have found our new-to-us motor home for our full-time living! We’d been looking every day on RV Trader and Craigslist, comparing floor plans, models and miles. Marika and I spent a morning at a dealership a few weeks ago, walking through many vehicles to see them in person. We were still deciding between a Class A and a Class C.

A Class A is like a bus with a full window across the front. Class A’s are taller, wider, and roomier. A class C is built on a truck/van engine so the front driver/passenger section is normal width, like a car, and then the rest of the RV is wider behind. We needed to drive an A to see if we could be comfortable driving something so big and wide, and, after the test drive, we knew we definitely weren’t.

So now that we were clear about wanting a Class C, we could narrow our search. We made a list of must have’s and wanna have’s, and I kept looking online every day.

Two weekends ago I found a model I had never seen before. It’s a 2013 Fleetwood Jamboree Sport 31N with only 7600 miles.

In addition to the walk-around queen bed, sofa and dinette that both convert to sleeping spaces, there are bunk beds. I had been eyeing other models with bunk beds, thinking that we could take out the bottom bunk and put in a desk and sitting space so that I’d have a designated work space that wasn’t in the main living area at the dinette.

This model already had the work space! They call it a bunk and breakfast – the top bunk raises into the ceiling and the bottom bunk is a second dinette!!! EXACTLY what I need for my office, and we don’t have to do any modifications!

We drove 30 miles to east Mesa to see it that Sunday, but the dealership was closed. So we walked around the coach, opening up the outside compartments, and talked with a man who was also looking around the lot, about living simple and free.

The next morning I drove back to the dealership after my morning client and the RV was still there. A man pulled up next to me and walked toward the sales office, pointing to the rig, while I walked toward the RV with a salesman behind me and we went inside the coach.

It was spacious and clean and immediately felt like home. The other man came in and looked around, but I had claimed the space with my energy and no one else came in to look around, even though they were waiting outside.

I looked in every cabinet, pointed out places where something needed to be fixed. We turned on the generator and ran the a/c. And I sat in the bunk office and felt like it was mine. I called Marika, who was at home getting the house ready for the Open House, and we Face-timed so she could see everything I was seeing.

And then I took it for a test drive. This RV is 32 feet long, our current one is only 24′ and Marika and I were both concerned that it would be too scary to drive something that long. But it was smooth and easy, even when I made a three-point turn. Sure, it took two tries to feel how much longer I was, but the rear and side cameras helped, and I know it will only get easier with practice.

I negotiated a fair price with Doug, the dealer, and put $1000. down to hold it so that Marika could come see it the following weekend, and I left, knowing that we’d found our new home.


And then it got even better. A Facebook friend, Rick, who is an RV technician, offered to do a complete inspection. And Doug was more than happy to accommodate him. Rick gave us a detailed report which I gave to Doug, and Doug assured me that every single thing would be fixed before we drove off the lot.

Marika and I spent last Saturday back in the coach, again, looking everything over, sitting in the different living spaces, asking more questions.

We walked around the kitchen and living room, considering storage options for the dog food, a trash can, her pots and pans and baking supplies. I measured the inside cabinets and the outside compartments, confirming that they are wide enough to fit our chairs, a grill and firewood.

I sat in my bunk office, looking down the hall to the sofa and the dinette where Marika was sitting, making notes on her clipboard, and I really felt like I was in a separate space. It was so wonderful, even more amazing than I had imagined. And Marika couldn’t believe how clear the picture was on the TVs.

We took it out on the freeway for a drive. Because the RV has been sitting for 16 months, the tires created a lot of vibration. Doug said he will take it over to the tire dealer for a full inspection, rotation and alignment and see if that fixes things. Otherwise, we will get 6 new tires.

We are also having him install automatic leveling jacks to give us more stability when we’re parked, and it will make it easy peasy to level the rig when we’re camped.

And the kicker – Doug is buying my old RV AND my RAV4, applying $10,000 as trade-in, a fair price, and now I don’t have the hassles of selling them privately.

When things go this smoothly, I have to believe that forces bigger than us are in play. That this is “beshert,” “meant to be” in Hebrew. Even Marika is seeing how everything is unfolding with so much ease and help and support and joy.

This is what happens when you set the intention and keep showing up, letting go of control, and staying open to goodness and gratitude!

We’ll pick up the RV in a week or two, after all of the repairs and add-ons are done. Then we’ll be able to start loading it up, moving in, and, as soon as the house sells, we’ll be on the road!


If you need some support, guidance or motivation to begin living your own dream, let’s set up a coaching call!

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