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I’ve been thinking lately about what seemingly subliminal messages we expose ourselves to every day, with TV commercials, billboards, extraneous conversations.

And what about what we consciously CHOOSE to listen to?

So what are you listening to? What’s playing in your iPod today? On your car radio?

Do you listen to the lyrics? Do you sing along?

Are you singing about power and beauty, and meeting your vulnerability head on? Or are you singing about how the world owes you or that someone did done you wrong?

Giving voice to words is a powerful thing. Even if it’s “just singing with the radio,” your words are impacting you on a subconscious level.

So why not chose to sing what you want to believe, what you want to come into your life, what you want to be and feel?

Many years ago I bought a cassette tape with all kinds of original songs about the cartoon character Gumby. Remember him? That rubbery green fellow with a bump on his head and his orange pony pal named Pokey? Well, last week I got one of the songs from the cassette stuck in my head. But I could only remember one line:

“…Be humble and respectable, above all, just be flexible..” Great words to live by, I thought. And then I wanted to know the rest of the words.

So I found the CD on Amazon. And now I am singing loud and proud,
“We all are Gumby.
We want the world to be so happy
So when you’re down and feeling crummy
Think of Gumby
Be humble and respectable, above all, just be flexible.”

–from “We All Are Gumby”, by Flo and Eddie

Here’s a link to hear the song--maybe you’ll want to sing along, too!

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