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I’m often talking about how NO ACTION is the best step to take. That we need to sit in stillness and silence so that we can get clear about what the truest action step is to take.

Like most things in life, it is a delicate balance of listening and responding, waiting and moving, stilling and taking action.

The more we tune in to our hearts, our intuition, our authentic voices, the clearer this becomes.

Sitting in silence and listening is not the same and sitting and idly waiting.

A lot of people think they can’t DO something until they are inspired. They think that if they wait, inspiration will come and THEN they will do that great thing they thought of. The truth is, action comes before inspiration.

The Law of Attraction requires action.

If you want a great new job, you begin with that Intention. But you must also tell people about your job hunt, create an amazing resume, ask colleagues for ideas, suggestions, introductions. You must take action!

The Universe is happy to meet you half way, but you must take the first steps to prove you really want something.

Many people say they get their best ideas in the shower. Or when they are walking or swimming. If you think about it, I’m sure you’ll agree that inspiring ideas do not usually come when your body is slumped over your keyboard, waiting.

Your great insights usually happen when you are doing something physical, when you are out of your head and in your body.

So get out and DO something!

Take a walk.

Climb  a mountain.

Go for a bike ride.

Turn on some music and dance.

Take that first step in your body and move toward joy and the next action step will be revealed.


“Adventure calls. Blaze a new trail. Cross a continent. Dare to discover. Escape the routine. Find a fresh perspective. Go slow. Gaze absentmindedly. Savor every moment. Have some fun! Invest now in future memories. Keep a journal. Leave prejudice and narrow mindedness behind. Make for the horizon and meet new people. Navigate the unknown. Observe, and open your mind. Pursue a road less traveled. Quest for truth. Rely on yourself. Sail away from the safe harbor. Take a risk. Unleash your curiosity. Venture further. Why wait? Expect the unexpected. Say Yes to adventure….journey with Zeal!

~ Robyn Waters


How do you take action? How has the Universe responded? Please share your story by clicking the Comments button below.

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