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I remember the first time I offered a free tele-seminar call, where I announced a new online Master Coaching program. My vision was clear and powerful: people would listen to the call, get as excited about the content as I am, feel incredibly inspired and deliriously motivated and the class would fill within the first week.

But that didn’t happen.

Sure, people listened to the call. But not a single person signed up for the program.

And I was devastated.

How could I put so much effort and love into a thing and not have it turn out the way I expected?

I wallowed for a few days in the disappointment. I knew I did a good job. I knew I was offering an amazing program. (Fortunately, I never went down the self-deprecating path telling myself that the tele-seminar sucked, or that I wasn’t a good coach.)

But I did wonder if I should just give up on the whole Spark the Heart thing and focus all of my efforts and attentions on my Mac training, since that’s where more of my success happens.

And then I talked with friends. I shared my bruised heart with my coach. And I came back to remembering that nothing is ever all or nothing.

I remembered that it is a gift that I have two very different businesses that bring my joy and allow me to serve others. I remembered that it is precisely the success of my Mac training that offers me the opportunity to also grow this new and passionate other business.

And, like everything, it will take time.

When things don’t go the way we hope, it’s OK to feel disappointment. It’s OK to retreat for a bit. In fact, it’s a wonderful thing to step aside for a while so you can regain some perspective.

When you step back from the disappointment, you give your ego a chance to heal.

And then you’re able to ask yourself bigger questions without judgment, like:

What did work?

What could I do differently?

How important is this?

Is there a bigger clue here for me?

This past month I announced a new Virtual Living Room Ladies Coaching Circle. I was so excited to gather another intimate group and do some amazing exploring and growing together. But not a single person signed up.

I was certainly disappointed.

But I have accepted that this isn’t the time for that kind of work.

And so, once again, I am stepping back to see what’s working and how best I can serve the people I work with. And I am letting go of expectations and opening to a bigger vision of what I am here to be and do.

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