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This past week I’ve been reading and thinking about the meaning of freedom. Folks are talking about freedom of speech, of being able to live without working, freedom to do what they want, when they want.

Circumstances aside, it seems to me that, our biggest need for freedom is from our negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

From the outside it may seem like I live the ultimate free life — I have wheels underneath me and can travel wherever I choose, I work for myself so I can set my own hours and rates, I don’t have children or elders who I need to take care of. It is just me and Laddy and what do I want to do with my life.

And yet, I sometimes find myself struggling with my own self-defeating thoughts. I fall into worry about finances, I stress about generating new business. I fret about what I want to eat for dinner.

And all of this negative mind chatter is anything but freedom.

Last week, after mucking around in a week of worry, I watched this video and was reminded how much power those negative thoughts have.

As soon as I realize how uncomfortable I was, how stressed I really felt, I reminded myself that the real freedom is in choosing a new thought, shifting to a different perspective, telling myself a different story.

I stood in the river and let the water carries my worries away. Then I sat down with my pen and paper and imagined life without struggle.

I remembered that changing my language about any given situation is the truest kind of freedom of speech. And I crafted a new affirmation that supports a life of ease and joy, effortlessness and abundance.

And it worked. The stress dissipated, I was breathing deeper. I found myself smiling and admiring a dragonfly hovering near me. I even knew what I wanted to eat for dinner.

And the next morning, passive income from one of my Mac video training programs appeared in my checking account, a beautiful reminder that I am financially, emotionally and spiritually supported so that I can continue to do my best work, and that the Universe is cheering me on.

Even if I don’t know what that work is, or where the money is coming from, I feel space open up for those answers to show up.

I remind myself that I don’t have to know the how’s, I simply have to hold the vision of me being my best self, happy, content, connected, and engaged in good work. And in that calming, I am paying more attention, noticing new opportunities and daring to dream even bigger.

It sounds hokey, maybe, but it works.

I invite you to watch the video interview with Marc Allen and try it for yourself.

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