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I’m settling into being back at the beach at the mobile home and RV Park I call Paradise Park. The sun rises an hour later here, so we’ve been sleeping in past 7:30. And that’s OK.

I’m finding my rhythm with the tides-when to walk on the beach, when to walk along the street above the cove that I call Hawk Walk, and when to hang out at home, in the cool of the air-conditioned RV.

And I am settling into why I am here and what I want to be focusing on over these next four months. Surprisingly, some ideas are popping and they are clear and obvious and easy first next steps: register the domain for, gather a group of women for an in-depth 7 week Heart Sparks group, and go to Patti Digh’s Live is a Verb Camp later this month. When I realized how many of the people I engaged with during my trip were people I had met at her first camp 2 years ago, I knew I had to go. Because these are the kind of people, the kind of energy I want more of in my life.

If you looked at my bank accounts you’d probably question how I can spend all of this money right now. But there are two upcoming work things that are opportunities for sure big income, and, if this is what I am meant to do, then the money will come. And either way, there will be enough. It’s not hope, it’s faith. And due diligence. And me doing my part, my work. This week I have an in-person Mac client and I have opened registration for THE ORGANIZED MAC class, an online course to help folks feel more confident and empowered with their Apple technology.

And I’m staying open, noticing, paying attention to new to-do’s that arise, new clues, interesting signs on the road.

And we are walking. Every day, many times a day, either on the beach, or up the hills around Paradise Park, or we’re playing long ball across the street on kickball in our little patch of yard.

It is so good to be here, to hugs friends, to eat at Taco Temple, to breathe in such sweet, clean ocean air. People ask me how long I’m going to be here, and what I’m doing next. I tell them that I don’t know. And that I don’t need to know. I’m just right here, right now, breathing it all in and saying thank you!

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