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It is the last Wednesday before I officially head out on the Heart Sparks Road Tour. These past few weeks have been a steady stream of working and readying, prepping and planning, and riding the unexpected bumps in the road.

My favorite swivel chair in the RV broke at the base. After checking the RV salvage yard for a replacement part, I had a mobile welder come and fix it. The RV’s generator wouldn’t start so I had another mobile tech come. He cleaned the carburetor and got it running, but reported that the fuel line to the generator is spliced and he couldn’t reach under the tank to replace it. An RV place quoted $180-$800 for the repair, depending on how easy it would be to reach the tank. I’ve decided NOT to fix it, since I only need the generator if I’m not plugged into electricity, and only to run the microwave or A/C. Everything else is powered by the house batteries, which are charged by the solar panels.

I’ve done a thorough culling of things in the closets and cabinets and I even replaced the plastic runner that protects the carpet. I still have to mount the new fire extinguisher and wash the windows. I’ve made camping reservations for my first night and a few other places along the way where I know I want to be guaranteed a spot.

Each day I cross a few more things of of my to-do lists, while still working with Mac clients, writing my two weekly newsletters and, of course, walking and playing with the dogs.

A month ago, I was still pretty anxious about the trip but now, I am ready. Ready for the excitement of one day at a time, the rhythm of driving and resting, walking and writing, romping and relaxing. Ready to meet so many people in person who I’ve only known through the magic of technology. And ready to share the Heart Sparks love.

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