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For many months after my open heart surgery, I felt things in my heart. Sometimes it was a fluttery feeling, sometimes a buzzing. Sometimes it was just an awareness of some kind of physical sensation. The doctors explained that it was just the nerves healing and that it would subside over time.

I especially noticed the sensations when I was feeling emotional or excited. It was like I had a special gauge in my body that physically reflected what was happening in my mind. It was odd, but kind of cool to actually FEEL my emotions right in my heart.

Several months ago I was doing an exercise with a stranger in a life coaching class and we had to stand as close to each other as we felt comfortable. I felt that buzzing sensation in my heart at the exact moment that I knew I was close enough. My heart sent a signal to my mind and I felt it.

I think everyone can tune in to this feeling in their heart. You may not feel an actual sensation, but you will connect to a strong sense of knowing. It just takes paying attention, connecting to your deeper self, and really listening for those tiny signals.

Here’s a great tool to begin to tap into your own heart’s signals. It’s called the PING or CLUNK test.

Whenever I am faced with a choice or a decision, I ask myself, does it feel like a PING or a CLUNK.

A PING makes my heart sing. I feel excitement, joy, an overwhelming desire to say YES. And I might even feel a little buzz in my heart.

A CLUNK feels like a heavy weight. It is joyless and unexciting. Words like dread, discomfort and obligation usually accompany a CLUNK.

The PING or CLUNK Test is a sure-fire system for discerning where I want to give of myself and my energy.

I only do things that are a PING. I say no to anything that is a CLUNK. The more I live from this place of my singing, pinging heart, the happier I am, and the more I am able to show up in the world, ready to give and connect and share with others.

The next time you have a choice or decision to make, ask yourself, is it a PING or a CLUNK. I’m pretty sure the answer will come quickly and clearly.

Then you’ll just have to choose whether you will follow what your heart is telling you.

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