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"In a Whisper" by Andrew Ars

“In a Whisper” by Andrew Ars


I used to think that, in order to work with clients, I had to live in a big city and work one-on-one. I used to think I couldn’t be an author because I loathed the idea that I would have to fly city to city for book tours. I used to think I couldn’t drive across the country without a traveling partner. For more than a year after I lost my dog Laddy, I didn’t think I’d ever get another one.

These limiting beliefs kept me stuck. They prevented me from doing what I love.

As I recognized and challenged and, ultimately let go of these beliefs, I opened up to other ways, and new possibilities appeared.

And now, I have published my first book and my new-to-me 7 year old dog Cody and I are going on a solo Road Tour in my motorhome, at my own pace, in great comfort.

Never in my wildest dreams….

Sure I have moments when I wonder how I’m going to pull this off, and how will I be able to pay back my father’s gracious loan, but I keep coming back to my why, and I know that this is my path. I know that I am on some amazing adventure, that this is so obviously a metaphoric Heroine’s Journey, that I’m going to learn so much about myself. And meet amazing people. That I can’t NOT do this.

I’m already learning so much. That I can do this alone. That it’s up to me to find fun things to see along the way and then make it happen. That I can ask for help, for financial support, for encouragement and planning tips. That just because I’m doing all the driving doesn’t mean I’m doing this alone.

So I am deep into the planning of the Heart Sparks Road Tour. I realized that being in the hot, muggy South in the middle of the summer would be miserable for me. So I’m shifting the dates, leaving Phoenix the second week of April with the intention of being in Asheville, NC, my furthest point east, by mid-May. I’ll start back west via Alabama, before it gets too warm. I’m not scheduled back here in Paradise until September, so I’m not yet sure where I’ll be in July and August. After logging all of those miles, I’m not sure how much more I’ll want to drive, but I know I won’t be anywhere where it’s warmer than 80°.

Here’s the route so far. If you’re within 200 miles, let me know…maybe we can get together for a Heart Sparks Party or collaborate on a workshop or ???? And if you know of a place besides a bookstore, where I could talk about the book and How to Give Up a Good Life For a Great Life, let me know……

And, if you’re ready to create your own great new life, I’m gathering a new group of Virtual Living Room Ladies. Email me for details!

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