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(Note: I wrote this in September, 2010, five years ago. Seeing the life I have created since then, I know it’s because I committed to a plan.)

I was never one for having a long-term plan. When people asked “what are your goals for 5 years, 10 years?” I’d look at them blankly. I had no idea.

I would tell myself, I live in the moment, I can’t possibly know what I’ll be doing in 10 years.

And yet, in the deep of my heart, I DID have a vision of what I wanted to be doing, where I wanted to be living. I just never shared it.

Not even with myself.

Because some voice inside of me said that, if I wasn’t doing it NOW, then I must be a failure.

I only knew how to have short term goals. I didn’t know how to create a long term plan.

And so I tucked my secret dreams deep and away and continued to believe that the only long term goal I needed was to just be happy doing whatever I was doing.

And then, a few months ago, I went to New Jersey and spent a week at the beach in Cape May. I was so happy in the ocean air, watching the waves and the gulls, eating fresh seafood right off the boats. My heart felt so full.

And I realized how much I had been denying that this is what I want for my future. That I DO want something more than just being happy in the present moment.

When I got back home I knew I was ready to untuck my dreams of living on the Central California Coast and start to make a plan.

And it occurred to me that, this is exactly what a five-year plan is all about.

It’s NOT about doing it NOW.

A plan is about knowing where you are and where you want to be and using the time in between to discover how to get from here to there.

My big first step was realizing that I DID have a vision.

My second big step was reclaiming the dream and bringing it into my daily awareness.

Several years ago I had loaned all of my lighthouse paintings to a friend so that I wouldn’t be reminded of the ocean. But now I was eager to hang them prominently in my house. They no longer taunted me with longing, but now served as a beautiful visual reminder of where I am going to be living.

My third big step was sharing my dream. I started telling my friends, “I’m on a five-year plan to live at the beach.”

By naming and claiming it, suddenly there is noticeable movement toward this thing I most desire.

In fact, now that my mom has passed away, I’ve adjusted the time frame and now I’m on the two-year plan to live at the beach.

It feels possible. It feels real. And I KNOW it’s going to happen.

I don’t know all the things that I have to do between now and moving to make this happen, but I know that, if I stay focused and clear, each step will be revealed in time.

Because I’m planning for it. I’m committed. And I’m doing it, one step at a time.

So what is YOUR dream for yourself one year from now, five years from now, ten years from now?

1. Do you hold that dream in your consciousness?

2. Do you imagine what it will be like, feel like, taste like to be living this dream?

3. Do you share you dream with people, give voice to your vision?

3. Have you considered what you need to do today to make it happen in that time frame?

4. Do you have your one next step clearly defined?


Are you ready to commit to creating a plan for your future? Join me in September for the new Spark Your Heart, Ignite Your Life virtual gathering. Details coming soon.

I’d love to hear your dreams, your long-term plans. Give them a VOICE by sharing in the Comments below.

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