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I love listening to my friends share their holiday traditions. It’s fun to learn about the old family favorites and especially the ones they’ve invented and created in recent years.

Traditions are often customs and beliefs passed down from one generation to the next. Sometimes we don’t even remember why we do it, or when the tradition started.

This year, I invite you to create at least one new tradition for yourself or your family. It might be enjoying a new food at your holiday meal. Or going on an outing. Or volunteering your time.

Not sure how to come up with a new tradition? Ask your friends what they do. Ask your kids what they’d like to do.

Here are a few prompts to help you think about the traditions you follow.

Every year, I …………….
I do it because ……………

This year, I am doing it a little differently.

Instead of or, in addition to……………….. I am ………..
I’d love to read your ideas. Please share them by clicking the Comments link below.

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