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I recently had a massage with a new massage therapist. As she was working on my troubled right hip she said, “You do so much for others that you haven’t been taking care of yourself.”

“Oh no, that’s not me at all,” I said. “I’m very good at being selfish.”

I felt she was generalizing, assuming I was like so many women who are so busy caring for kids and partners, always doing and pleasing everyone else that they never make time for themselves.

I don’t have kids or a partner or a needing person in my life and so I didn’t see myself in that role of selfless caretaker/caregiver.

But the next day, as I was driving to a client, I felt the opened space between my shoulder blades and less pain in my hip and I remembered the massage therapist’s comment.

And I realized she was right.

I spend the majority of my time working. Whether it’s actually sitting with a client, teaching them something about their Mac, or coaching a group or writing a blog post, much of my time is devoted to activities that benefit others. Sure, I get a LOT of rewards and blessings from my work. But this is not the same as taking care of ME.

When you’re a self-employed entrepreneur, there is always some work that can be done. And so it’s so easier for me to stay busy with work than to make time and space for other things that also bring me joy. Like taking the dogs to the river. And camping. And reading. And writing. And lunching with friends.

And my body is begging me to take better care of ME.

And so I am ready to create some new boundaries with my work. If I want to work in the evening, then I will block out time mid-day for a romp with the dogs. If I schedule a client or a workshop on a Saturday, I will take a day off during the week to have lunch with a friend. And, starting today, I am creating a regular writing practice for my own writing that has nothing to do with Mac Tips and Heart Sparks.

My body needs this. My spirit needs this. My heart needs this. And I know that, the more space I give myself for these non-work activities, the more I will bring back into my work and offer to others. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

So, do YOU do so much for others that you haven’t been taking care of yourself?  

What does self-care look like in YOUR life?  

How can you bring more balance for yourself?

How can you give more to YOU so that you have more to share with others? 

I’d love to hear your revelations! Please share by clicking on the Comments below

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