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Wherever you are is where you begin.

Right here. Right now.

Never mind how you’ve tried it before, done it before, been there before.


You are here. Now. Standing in this present moment.

While this may be an easy concept to accept abstractly, it is not as easy to embrace when we are attempting to do something we used to be so good at.

bikingI used to be a cyclist. I took daily rides of 10-15 miles along the canals, to city parks. I easily pedaled 35-50 miles every Saturday, touring the stretches of farmland on the outskirts of Phoenix.  I even did a 2-day, 150 mile ride to California as a fundraiser for MS.

When I think of those long rides, I forget that when I first started, it was a huge accomplishment to ride just one mile around my own neighborhood.

I forget that it took months for me to build up my physical and mental strength and endurance to ride long distances.

It’s been more than 20 years since I was that long distance rider. In fact, my bike has been tucked into a corner, gathering cobwebs for the last year. But when I think about riding, I remember how free I can feel pedaling in the breeze, how strong my body can be, balanced and self-propelling me.

And I want to feel that again.

And I know I have to start where I am.

The keys to building strength and endurance with any new activity are consistency, frequency and increasing the level of activity each time.

It’s also important to be patient, gentle and realistic with your progress.

And it helps a lot to hold a vision of yourself already accomplishing what is it that you are just beginning.

I got my bike tuned up and steam cleaned. I bought a bike computer so I can see how many minutes and how many miles I ride each time. I am setting do-able goals, increasing the time and distance of my ride every couple of days.

And I am holding a picture of myself, pedaling strong and easy over new terrain, confident in the saddle, smiling into the breeze.

What do YOU want to get better at?

Exercise? Cooking? Self-Care? The same principles apply, no matter what new activity or mindset you are working with.

You just begin where you are.

Begin with how you are.

You just begin.

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