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It’s the last Saturday of the year and it is such a blessing to be here. It’s cold and crisp, and then the sun rises over the hills and everything warms up. The hills all around me are bursting with so much green from the big rains we’ve had and the beach sand has shifted from the very high tides.

Cody and I walk on the beach at least once every day, sometimes twice if we can time it with the tides. At high tide there is very little walkable sand. These pictures were taken yesterday at low tide on our beach. It is officially Estero Bay, at the north the end of the six miles of sandy coastline that connects Morro Bay to Cayucos. Most of the time Cody and I are the only ones here.

I’ve seen warblers hopping on the sea kelp and a kingfisher regularly perches on the rocks above the surf. There are lots of shorebirds and gulls and vultures and a variety of hawks that sit on the telephone poles along the street just above the beach. And the red winged blackbirds have returned. I’m enjoying these last few days of the year in amazement and appreciation for where I am and for all of the love and support from YOU that has brought me here.

I will be here through February and then I’m heading to Phoenix for 2 months before embarking on the upcoming Heart Sparks Road Tour that will take me all the way east Asheville, North Carolina, a few hundred miles at a time. I hope to connect with many of you in person along the way!

Wishing you a most beautiful new year, filled with love and light and joy!

From my very great-full heart to yours,



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