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This is so exciting! My first book. A dream is actually happening. Right now!

I am getting ready to not just write, but publish my first book!

This means final content edits, choosing artwork, checking page breaks, figuring out how the new version of Word deals with page numbering for even and odd pages, and always, envisioning the finished product in the hands of my readers.

I have my graphic designer on standby, so, as soon as I have the copy for the back of the book, and the official ISBN number, we’ll be ready to roll.

Yes this is pretty darn exciting!

I’m reading Guy Kawasaki’s book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur and I’m still hovering between Author and Publisher, working my way through Amazon’s self-publishing website, Several friends have used the service and all give it high marks for ease of use and good results.

I did consider submitting a book proposal to publishers, but right now, I like having all of the control. And in my vision for this book, I sell so many copies that a fabulous publisher seeks me out for the second edition.

The book will be available as an e-book through Amazon’s Kindle store as well as a real, live, hold in your hand, turn the pages book.

Stay tuned for details, including how to pre-order your own autographed copy!

If you’d like to host a Heart Sparks Party, let me know!

I’m also booking places where I can speak and share and lead Heart Sparks workshops, so if you have a group that would enjoy some heart-sparking inspiration, let me know!

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