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I was listening to one of my coaching clients share some of her weekly successes. She had cleaned out an entire closet, paid her bills early and had scheduled a long-overdue manicure for herself.
She was moving so quickly through the list that there was no pause for honoring her accomplishments. And when she did pause, it was to counter the success with a “but I didn’t….”

I had to stop her.

I gave her a big shout out for each of the successes. And I asked her to join me in a big WOOHOO! YAY! I DID THAT! celebration.

And then she said, “Wow, I didn’t even realize how much I’d done.”

Often we are so focused on plowing through our to-do lists that we don’t honor the work we’re doing.
We don’t take the time to celebrate our successes.
We don’t breathe in how good it feels to accomplish something.

No wonder we still feel overwhelmed with what ELSE we have to do.

And when we counter what we HAVE done with a BUT, (yes, I did that BUT I didn’t do the other thing) we are negating ourselves, dishonoring our success, sabotaging our own power.

I asked my client to pay attention to this pattern and, whenever she hears herself say BUT, to stop and take the opportunity to CELEBRATE what she DID do with a big YAY!

She liked the idea.

Later, in our conversation, she started to go down that BUT road and immediately stopped herself mid-sentence. She didn’t YAY, but I could hear her smile.

How often to you celebrate your accomplishments?
How often do you honor what you’ve taken care of, what you’ve done for yourself?
How often do you give yourself a big high-five YEAH???

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