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There was a fun game going around on Facebook a while back. A friend chose the age for you and you had to reflect back and answer the questions as they related to you at that age, and then also at your current age.

Like most quizzes, the important thing was not to spend too much time thinking of perfect or clever answers, but to simply respond with whatever came up in the moment.

A friend gave me the age of 26:

I was: 26
I lived in: a semi-furnished one bedroom apartment over a garage in Tempe, AZ
I was married to: being single, independent, the best
I drove: a Plymouth Horizon
I feared: nothing
I worked at: Computer Pro, preferring to demo the Apple IIGS and Macs than IBMs and Compaqs
I wanted to be: top salesperson every month and I was

Then, when it came to my current age, I wrote:

I am: 54
I live in: my RV across the street from the ocean in Cayucos, CA
I am married to: my technology
I drive: a blue RAV4 with white flower stickers (it makes people smile and it helped my mom see my car)
I work at: staying present, enjoying what is, keeping my heart open to love, light and compassion
I want to be: in a wonderfully exciting, loving, intimate, heart-sparking relationship

After I hit the POST button, I reread my responses and noticed that my answer about being in a relationship didn’t say if this relationship is with a person, my work, my art, my writing…or what. And that I had somehow omitted what I am afraid of now.

I found both of these things very curious and revealing. And it’s had me thinking about it ever since.

So I invite you to answer these same questions for yourself. Don’t work too hard at the answers. Go with whatever comes up first. See if anything surprises you, reveals something in a new way, gets you thinking about who you are and how you show up in the world.

I was: 26
I lived in:
I was married to:
I drove:
I feared:
I worked at:
I wanted to be:

Then, answer them again, using your current age:

I am:
I live in:
I am married to:
I drive:
I fear:
I work at:
I want to be:

If you’d like, I’d love for you to share your answers by clicking on the Comments below.


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