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I have been very busy these past few weeks, seeding. Seeding is an entrepreneurial business terms that means spreading an idea around. Seeding happens after all of the behind the scenes work is in place, but before the actual event or program takes place. Seeding is how you get people interested in your idea.

And so for the past month I’ve been getting everything in place for a new Mac training course. I gave a free tips webinar and shared some great content, I invited folks to register for a full six week class to learn even more ways to work smarter. I’ve been posting on Facebook, sending reminder emails to my peeps and talking with the Universe about serving my clients.

And so far, only six people have signed up for the course.

Seeding in business, like planting real seeds, does not a guarantee that anything will grow. Yes, you can tend the seeds, water them, protect them from the wind and the birds, but you cannot force the seeds to sprout.

And so, when only six people sign up for the course, my knee jerk reaction is to plant MORE seeds, to re-seed. To over water, poke around in the soil, thinking I’m helping but really, I’m disturbing the quiet growth.

But what would better serve me and the seeds, is to recede. To be patient. To wait. To trust. To step back and stop fussing so much, to move out of their sunlight and let nature do its thing.

Maybe more people will register. Maybe not. Either way, it is no fault of the seeds. Or me. It is just how things turned out this time.

All I can do teach those six wonderful people with the best course I can imagine. And continue to tend the seeds I’ve planted, and see what else might bloom.

What happens when you plant something and it doesn’t immediately bloom? Please share by clicking on the comments below.

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