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I love where I live. I love my neighbors and the quirky community of retirees and working folks, weekend campers and full-time RVers. I love the laid back pace of the sleepy beach town. And, of course, I love having such easy access to one of the most beautiful beaches on the California coast.

When I pulled in last September, I was very aware that, come the summer, I’d probably have to leave to make room for people who have long-standing reservations. So I made my own reservations at the RV Park where I stayed when I first arrived on the coast last August.

Still, I was trying to stir up all kinds of mojo magic that there would be a last minute cancellation and I’d get to stay.

Several friends reminded me that I would end up exactly where I am meant to be. And I realized they were right. So I stopped hoping to stay and started opening to what I could look forward to at the other RV Park.

While the Morro Bay RV Park is more expensive than where I am now, the price does include cable TV and free wi-fi. And Morro Bay is ten degrees cooler and less sunny than here, which is actually a BONUS perk for Laddy and me because neither one of us is comfortable above 75°. It’s closer to town and shopping and yoga and there are lots of great walking opportunities. And there are no hills!

As the holiday weekend approaches, Paradise Park is filling with big families, loud boom boxes and kids riding their bikes up and down the hills, oblivious to the cars driving through. And the big Fourth of July fireworks show at the end of the pier would certainly freak Laddy out, even with his Thundershirt on.

The new park is quieter, smaller and not in a touristy part of town. I’m really going to appreciate that.

So this Thursday I’ll be headed five miles south to the no frills RV Park in Morro Bay. It’s a gravel parking lot with minimal privacy and no view. It’s right next to a spacious neighborhood park and it’s an easy two block walk to a spectacular view of the ocean. It’s a trek over the dunes and soft sand to get to the water, but Laddy and I have done it.

It would be so easy for me to lament having to leave this paradise. But if I focus on what I will be missing, I will be sad and stuck in a feeling of lack. So instead, I’m choosing to embrace what I will be gaining.

And I can always come back to Paradise to visit the neighbors, walk on the beach, even enjoy some fish and chips at a favorite restaurant near the pier.

I’m looking forward to the new experience, the new place, the change in the weather. And I’m sure I’ll also be glad when we come home, after the tourist season is over.

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