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One of the most valuable tools I offer my clients is to practice paying attention. To slow down enough to notice the details around us. To be still long enough to hear the quieter, stronger voice inside.

Often, we are so distracted by the noise and activity of our daily lives that we are oblivious to the beauty, the wisdom, the inspiration of what is right in front of us.

The other day I saw this image online and immediately thought, WOW, Great questions!

What am I trying to CONTROL?

What do I need to ALTER in my life?

What am I ready to DELETE?

Inspiration is everywhere, all around us.

Too often, we just aren’t paying attention and so life goes on, same as it ever was. And we go on, same as we ever will be, stuck in the patterns of our days, far removed from what we might really be dreaming we could be and do in our lives.

But if we pause and ask ourselves these kinds of hard questions, we honor that deep desire inside us for something better, more exciting, more joy-full.

By simply recognizing what isn’t working in our lives, we open up to the possibility of creating more of what we DO want.

But we have to be willing to ask.

I invite you to find a quiet place with a blank piece of paper and ask yourself these powerful questions:

What are you trying to Control in your life?

How might things be different if you let go of that control?

What do you need to Alter in your life?

If you changed just one thing, what would that open up for you?

What are you ready to Delete?

What thought or relationship or activity or habit does not support who you are and the work you want to do in this world?


I’d love to hear your answers. Please share them by clicking on the comments below.

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