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I’ve been living in my 24 foot RV since August 1st. Yet, when people asked me where I lived, I had a very long explanation:

Right now I’m in my motorhome. I packed up my life in Arizona, thinking that I’d come here and stay in my RV while I looked for a house to rent. I found one, it was really cute, but I realized I didn’t want to just move my life from AZ to here. So I’m still living in my RV and I’m really enjoying the simple life and the freedom of living small. Right now I’m staying in a mobile home park in Cayucos, across the street from the beach.

Not only is that too much information for a simple question, but the story is full of old news, uncertainty and even a little drama.

The real story, simplified, is “I live in my RV full-time. Right now I’m staying in a mobile home park in Cayucos, across the street from the beach.”

There is no drama, no complication, no unnecessary details to follow. The story is simple, clear and true. And the simplicity of the sentences reflect the simplicity of my life.

Entrepreneurs are told that they should be able to explain what they do in a twenty second ‘elevator speech’. Because that’s as much time as you have sometimes to get your message across. Being able to share your message in such a short amount of time helps you get clear, very clear about what you do and who you serve.

If you think about it, I’m sure there is a story that you tell, over and over again. You may even use the same words every time.

Ask yourself, first, is this story true.

Next, ask yourself, is this your current story or is this just the story you are used to telling.

And finally, consider what story really IS true?

How can you tell it so that it is simple and clear and a true reflection of who you are, how you are living and how you WANT to be living?

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