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Luck is winning the lottery. Or making all the green lights. Or getting the perfect camping spot with an unobstructed ocean view. Living out a vision that you’ve been dreaming about for years is all about intention, effort and taking actions that may mean you give up one thing in order to get something else. But it has nothing to do with luck.

When I tell people about my new lifestyle, that I’m living and working in my motorhome two blocks from the ocean, often their first response is, oh, you’re so lucky. Or worse, they respond with envy.

I want to sit them down and tell how long I’ve been working for this dream, how much I’ve invested in my business to get it where it supports me virtually. I want to share some of the creative tools I’ve used to keep the dream alive.

And I want to offer them hope and a starting place so that they, too, can begin manifesting their own biggest dreams.

The first step might be to take the energy that you’re investing in envy and  jealously and use it to get clear about what you dream of doing with your life. Never mind the voices that say, “I could never do that.” Instead, ask, “what if I could, what would I really want to do?”

You have to have a destination first, if you’re going to create a road to get there.

You may not know HOW you’re going to do it, or when, but if you begin with the vision, the desire, the intention, you have the most important piece of the plan- your WHY.

Your WHY is your heart speaking. It is your deepest truth, your guiding light, and it is often connected to how you can best serve others. Your WHY is the unbending compass that will keep you moving forward on your path.

The where and the how and the when may change, but your WHY remains constant and strong, so that, when you are faced with the challenges of making it happen, you can come back to the heart of the reasons WHY you’re sacrificing, WHY you are working so hard, WHY you want to do this big thing. And you’re able to take the next small step toward making it happen.

I met a woman last week who spent summers in Morro Bay as a kid and she’s always dreamed of living here full-time. She’s been working extra hours at her job in Phoenix, living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and only going out when someone else picks up the tab. She’s been willing to make these temporary sacrifices so that she could save up enough money to not be stressed about finances while she is here for two months, renting a temporary house and checking out the local art scene to see if she can support herself with her artwork.

So what dream is you tucked in your heart? Are you ready to take it out into the sunlight and claim it?

Maybe you’d like to make a vision board or dream altar so that you can SEE your dream everyday and keep it in your daily consciousness.

Click here for a guided exercise and instructions to help you get started.

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