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This past weekend several women gathered and created their own Dream Altars, beautiful physical manifestations of what they want to happen in their lives this year.

I know from my own experiences that naming and claiming our dreams is only the beginning.

To bring our deepest dreams forth into reality we have to nurture them, honor them, keep them in our daily awareness.

Maybe we do this with a daily affirmation, an altar, a poster on our bathroom wall that we see every morning and remember.

Yet, at the same time, it cannot become an obsession.

We need to maintain a balance between asking and receiving, between action and waiting, between knowing and letting go.

After all, it’s not for us to figure out the HOW of our dreams. Our job is to stay focused on the WHY, the WHAT, the essence of what we desire. WHY do we want this? How will it feel? How will living this dream serve others?

As you may know, I am in the midst of manifesting my own big dream. For years I have wanted to live at the ocean where the air is cool and clean. I am making plans, setting dates, shifting my work life to support this dream.

There are moments, days, even, where I have a very clear picture of how I am living my life there, how my whole world will open up, and how much more deeply I will do my work.

And I share my excitement and plans with my friends.

And then I get stuck in the financials, the logistics, the details. And I change my mind about HOW I’m going to do this. My heart fills with doubt and regret that I have changed my mind, yet again, and I wonder, what will my friends think.

But you know what? They think I’m human. They think I’m creative for coming up with so many ways to do this. They think I’m brave and inspring for taking this giant leap into my dream.

A friend recently reminded me that dreams are fluid. They are not frozen in time exactly as we originally imagine them. Our dreams are always shifting, changing, seeking their own level, like water.

Remembering this brings me so much peace and comfort. Of course I’m going to change my mind several times as new information comes to me. Of course I will waver between excited and fearful. Of course I won’t know how it all unfolds until it happens.

And so I keep flowing with the energy of the dream, keep bobbing in the waves of change and always, my dream on the horizon, getting closer and closer.

How do stay connected to your dreams? Please share by clicking on the Comments below.

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