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When Marika was visiting, we bought a new shower head for the RV bathroom. After 18 years of using the original one, it was getting too hard to switch it on and off to conserve water while showering. And it was, admittedly, leaking a little bit beyond the actual holes.

O. M. G!

I can’t believe we waited so long. The new shower head has five settings and a much wider surface area, which means a more luxurious shower on many levels.

And it was only $15.00!

What were we thinking to not do this sooner??

This seems to be a common behavior with lots of people I know. We tend to settle for what is, what we already have because, hey, it’s working. So what if it’s harder to use, a little uncomfortable, maybe not even working 100%.

It’s easier to just keep on keeping on, status quo.

But this small investment has made my morning shower ritual a true delight!

So what one thing, one small thing could you upgrade or change or improve without much effort or cost? Like a shower head?

Can you imagine what this simple act might shift for you?

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