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As you read this, I’m in Phoenix for the week, visiting friends and working with Mac clients. I’ll be driving my car back to California next weekend and settling into my new home at the Bella Vista Mobile Lodge in Cayucos. (This is the view from the office.)

Some folks are surprised that I didn’t choose the bungalow, or at least choose to wait to hear whether the landlords had picked me to be the tenant.

But on Wednesday afternoon I still hadn’t heard from the bungalow owners whether or not they had chosen me as their tenant. I had paid to stay at the RV park through Thursday and Marika was heading back to Phoenix that weekend.

I was going to drive back with her and a lot depended on what I decided.

If I got the house, I’d be driving the RV back and we’d leave on Friday, stop overnight in Ventura and visit a friend’s open studio. Then, back in AZ, I’d have a friend help me load up a U-Haul with my things and drive it up and I’d drive my car.

If I didn’t get the house, we’d drive back on Saturday all in one day in Marika’s car, I’d stay for a week working with clients then drive my car back.

Either scenario was do-able, so it became a deeper choice. What did I really WANT.

The more I sat with the options, I realized that coming to California in the RV to find a house was indeed my original plan. But I was really enjoying the simpleness of things, living in my small, contained space, the ease of feeling like I’m on a working vacation. I just needed my own car, so I’d have more flexibility and mobility. I also knew I didn’t want to stay in the RV park that I’d been in all month, now that the summer season is over and I was by myself.

The mobile home park in Cayucos offered me a very affordable way to continue living this working vacation life. And it was across the street from the ocean.

I heard voices in my head urging me to start working full-time again, that this vacation life was fine for a month but really, I should be making money, connecting with the Apple store, living a real life.

But this IS my real life! And when I step back and claim that, out loud, it makes me very, very happy.

Often, our original vision is what gets us to take action, that brings us to a new place. And in that new place we have a different view, a new perspective and so it’s natural for the vision and the dream to change.

And that is why I have chosen to spend at least another month in the RV in the new park in Cayucos where there are permanent residents in their mobile homes as well as travelers coming and going in their RVs.

And the owners are so flexible. While I’m in Phoenix, I moved my RV to the dry camp area (no hookups, but I don’t need them) and it’s only $10.00 a day. And if some folks with previous reservations for my space come in over one of the weekends, I can return to the dry camp and not have to find a new place to stay.

I love the ease and effortlessness of this decision.

Sure, I could fall into the hole of wondering if I made the “right” choice. After all, the bungalow was pretty perfect, even though I’d have to buy a refrigerator.

But I realize that whatever choice I make is the “right” one. Because eventually I’ll have the opportunity to make another choice. And another. Because each choice isn’t the end of the road, it’s merely another step on the journey.


I’d love to hear your reflections about your own choices. Click on Comments below.

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