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One of my favorite toys as a kid was the Magic Eight Ball. It was a black plastic ball that looked like an eight ball pool cue. You asked it a YES or NO question, gave it a good shake while you concentrated on the question and magically, an answer appeared in the glass window on the bottom.

Sometimes the answer was Yes, Definitely. Sometimes it said My Sources Say No. Sometimes it answered Ask Again Later.

Of course, I always re-asked and re-shook the ball until I got the answer I wanted.

We use many kinds of oracle-like tools for guidance. We throw the I-Ching coins, pick Runes, read Tarot cards. We are looking for answers, confirmation, proof that we are on the right path. And yet, often when we get an answer, we keep asking again, just to be sure.

In a recent coaching group, we were using Deborah Koff-Chapin’s Soul Cards to tap into our subconscious insights. One woman chose a card and laughed out loud. “This is just so perfect,” she said. It was an image of a spirit woman looking over a human woman. “This is exactly what I’ve been saying–I need to trust the higher wisdom that is in me.”
And then she asked if she could pick another card.

This time I laughed.

I suggested that, no matter how many cards she picked, the same message would appear. Because that’s the answer she is needing to hear right now. Then I asked her if she still wanted to pick another card.

She did. And it was, of course, a very similar image.

Another woman in the group also completely connected with the image on her first card. She too, drew a second card and the image and the message were almost identical to her first card.

So what question are you asking, over and over, because you want a different answer?

What if you accepted the answer you keep getting?

Try it with the online Magic Eight Ball.

Ask a Yes/No question. Concentrate on the question and “shake” the ball.

Are you willing to accept the first answer it gives you?

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