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When’s the last time you did something brave?

Brave isn’t just for big things, like driving alone in Europe or going skydiving.

Brave could be painting your nails a new color. Or driving a new way to work. Brave could be saying NO to a party you really don’t want to go to.

Brave is doing anything that brings you to the edge of your comfort zone and you do it anyway.

And doing it makes you feel on top of the world, so full of yourself, like a red caped super hero.

And yet, too often, we don’t acknowledge the act, the risk, the courage we’ve had to muster to get there, to step up, to do it.

I’m making a conscious choice these days to do at least one brave thing every few days. And I’m keeping a WOW! I REALLY DID THAT! list. Some are big things. Others might seem so easy for another person to do. But for me, they require a lot of brave.

I’m using the list to acknowledge my courage and applaud myself for taking these beautifully brave steps.

Here’s a sampling from my WOW! I REALLY DID THAT! list:

  1. I invited a never-met-in-person-before Facebook friend to lunch
  2. I joined a meet-up group for singles over 50
  3. I took Laddy on a new adventure walk
  4. I got my hair cut by a new stylist
  5. I introduced myself to a neighbor
  6. I said yes to friends going clothes shopping with me
  7. I backed into my RV spot without assistance! (It only took three stop and checks, just to make sure I was pulling in straight)
  8. Oh yeah, I packed up my life in Arizona and moved to the beach!

Funny, each of these things may have scared the pants off of me, gotten my heart racing, and taken me way beyond what is comfortable and easy. But they also led me to something even more wonderful than comfort. They’ve led to an even bigger, fuller, richer me.

So what brave things have you done lately?

How did it feel?

And how did you celebrate?

What’s on your WOW! I REALLY DID THAT! list? Please share by clicking on the Comments below.


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