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I was watching a TV show where the main character was stuck in an elevator, packed to the maximum weight limit, bodies pushing against her, everyone around her getting anxious and agitated. She was able to calm everyone down and push the call button for help.

I imagine that, if I were in this same situation, I too, would be able to feel enough space around me to breathe and remain calm. Because I practice every day.

Because I have created breathing space in my life.

  • With where I sit at my writing desk, in front of the big bay window that looks out over the half-football field expanse of green grass, buffering me from the passing cars on Maryland Avenue.
  • With the extra time I always give myself to drive from here to anywhere.
  • With my morning cup of coffee, sipped outside as I watch the sparrows and doves and curved bill thrashers vie for position on the bird feeder.
  • With the silence of the TV, unless I am sitting down, watching a show.
  • With the photo I have chosen as my computer’s desktop wallpaper-a gentle morning sky, blue with wisps of clouds and a waning crescent moon.
  • With the conscious practice of deep belly breathing when I am waiting in line at the grocery store.
  • When I take a stretching break from my computer to rub Laddy’s belly, fully feeling the soft under his armpits, the thick of his coat, how in just a few minutes I have enough hair on my hands to knit an afghan.
  • When I sweep the dirt and leaves off my patio. Some might call it futile, with the breeze and the dogs constantly kicking up more leaves and mulch. But it is more about the long slow motions of the broom across my body than the actual cleaning.

Where is the breathing space in your life?

What simple thing can you do each day to begin to create more calm, more space, more peace in your world?


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