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I believe there is great power in working with others. Sharing ourselves with people we trust and respect helps us see many more possibilities and options than we can imagine in our own minds.

I live with myself and my dogs and am self-employed and so I know, first-hand, how important it is to step outside of my solitary comfort zones and seek the wisdom and companionship of others.

As humans, we need contact and connection with other people. But what I’m learning is that basic contact isn’t enough.

Several of my Living Room Ladies joined the circle to meet like-minded women. One of them has little social contact outside of her family. Another works with with a group of colleagues but realizes that this is not real connection. A third has many women friends but their conversations and interactions are somewhat superficial and safe. “I could never talk about this stuff with them,” she shared in one of our groups.

If we are really honest with ourselves, we crave intimacy, really talking with a person and connecting at a deeper heart level. We want to be heard and understood and we want to be supported when we share our wildest dreams and deepest fears.

Where do you find this connection in your own life?

There is a difference between going to a gym and working out in the same room with 20 other people doing their own thing and joining a yoga or dance studio where the same people show up to the same class each week. Moving and stretching together creates an energetic connection. The class becomes your community.

Gathering with a group of like-minded people to hike or paint or whatever it is that you love to do creates connection. Daring to share beyond the surface conversations creates trust and camaraderie.  Real friendships begin to form.

You are no longer just one person in a vast and lonely world. You are part of something bigger and real and this is the power of community.


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