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So many of us live a life of routine. We drive the same way to work everyday, sit in the same chair with our morning coffee, listen to our favorite, familiar music.

If creativity is how you express what you see, what you feel, how you interpret the world around you, then, if you see something new, you might think about it in a new way and often, that will inspire you to think about other things in new ways, too.

I invite you to shake up your routine and change something about your visual environment so that you can begin to see with new eyes and experience your world in new ways.

Here are just a few suggestions:

Rearrange your furniture
Drive a different way to work
Switch out the art on your walls, or hang some new work
Eat at a new restaurant
Change the picture on your computer screen
Walk to someplace that you might normally drive to
Take all the pictures off of your refrigerator
Sit in a different chair at dinner time
Hang new photos in your office
Sit outside at a different time of day

Take out a piece of paper and write down one or two things that you will do this week to change how you see things around you.

Notice what happens.

I’d love to hear about it.

Feel free to share your observations below by clicking on the comments.

And if you’d like to guess what this is a picture of, enter your guess in the comments. Be sure to include your email address because I’ll be rewarding the first correct guess with a Spark the Heart journal and I’ll need to contact you for your mailing address!

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