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In an episode of the original Odd Couple on TV, Felix, the neat one, is in court, defending himself after being arrested for scalping tickets. As he interrogates a witness, he writes the word ASSUME on the court’s blackboard, circling the letters as he proclaims, “Never assume. Because when you ASSUME, it makes an ASS out of U and ME.”

Assumptions often hold us back. We think we already know the answer, the outcome, how the story is going to end, and so we don’t even try.

A client wanted to build an addition on her house. When I asked her what was stopping her, she said she couldn’t afford it. I asked her how much it was going to cost and she said she didn’t know.

She had just ASSUMED it was out of her budget.

It turns out that she COULD afford it and now, three years later, she loves her new living room addition.

As many of you know, I am planning to move to Morro Bay, CA in the spring. In the back of my head, and from several of my friends, I keep hearing that everything is more expensive in California than in Phoenix.

Today I called my car insurance to start getting a handle on how MUCH more. It turns out that my six month insurance policy will cost 35% LESS than I am paying now, living in a big city.

So, don’t let your assumptions hold you back from action.

Do the research.

Ask the questions.

Avoid making an ASS out of U and ME.

Odd Couple -
click the image to watch the entire ASSUME scene

When have your assumptions prevented YOU from doing something? I’d love to hear your story. Click on the Comments to share.

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