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As many of you know, my mom passed away last June.

With Mother’s Day and her birthday coming up this month, I am, of course, filled with all kinds of emotions–sadness and loss, naturally. But also great gratitude and love.

The theme for this year’s Mother’s Day Hallmark commercial is “Celebrating all that our moms have given us.” And so I am actually looking forward to these special occasions because they are another opportunity for me to honor and remember my mom, and to say thank you.

Growing up, I was at constant war with my mother. I challenged her, aggravated her, even ran away from home twice. We were very different and she just didn’t know how to handle me.

But over the years we worked hard to find ways to better communicate, forgive each other and create a new relationship based on respect and love. Really.

My mother taught me, by example, how important friendship is. That everyone learns differently. That kindness is more important than anything. She told me I was smart. Bright. And she encouraged me to be my best, most creative self.

We took vacations together, played Scrabble every Sunday and shared eggrolls at our favorite Chinese restaurant. And last year, when she was in the hospital, choking on her own breath, I was there, holding her hand, helping her let go.

Not everyone has a wonderful relationship with their mother. Not everyone is even in contact with their mom. You may not see eye to eye, or share things heart to heart, but we each have a connection with our mother.

Like her or not, your mother gave you your precious life.

And, if there is nothing else, this is the thing to be grateful for.

Can you make a list of everything your Mom has given you?

Can you share it with her, even if she is no longer with you?

Can you find it in your heart to say Thank You?


I’d love to hear your mom stories. Please share them with me and my readers by clicking on the Comments button below.


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