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There’s a famous quote by L. Ron Hubbard: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

I will add that, “if you express it, it becomes possible.”

Whether it’s through writing or drawing, singing or dancing, cooking or gardening, expressing and embodying our dreams make them visible.
And if they are visible they are tangible.
And if they are tangible, then they are possible.

Creating a Personal Manifestation Manifesto can help you make your dreams possible:

A manifesto is a mission statement, a proclamation, an announcement. For me, it is also a declaration of what I want to manifest, or bring into reality.

A manifesto is written in present tense, as if you are already being, doing having what you are proclaiming.

A Manifestation Manifesto can include things that are already truth for you. And it can include the vision you hold of your truest, most authentic self.

Here’s how to create your own Manifestation Manifesto:

Begin with a blank paper or a page in your journal.

Take a few deep and centering breaths to come into the present moment.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a favorite place, really enjoying yourself.

Follow your breath and connect to the person you are in this vision:

• what does it FEEL like to be you?
• what you are proud of in this moment?
• what are your greatest gifts?
• what brings you joy?
• how do you connect to something bigger than yourself?
• what words describe or identify what is most important to you?

Make a list or free-write about this vision.

Now go through your writing and pull out some key words, feelings, ideas. Find the essence of who you are in this joyful vision of yourself.

On a new piece of paper, write:

I AM… finishing each sentence with words that describe and celebrate who you are and this bigger vision you hold for yourself to become.

I AM is powerful.
I AM removes all doubt and fear.
I AM is rooted in courage and faith and possibility.

Now re-write your Manifesto on cardstock, really embodying the words as you write.

Feel free to embellish your Manifestation Manifesto using markers, glitter, magazine cutouts, etc.

Then be sure to hang it up where you will see it, read it and proclaim it for yourself several times every day.

If you’d like to share your Manifesto and REALLY make a proclamation, take a picture of it and email it to me at and I’ll post it here for everyone to celebrate!

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